Halloween, Year Three
This year I thought we were totally prepared to see if we would have enough Skittles to cover demand, so we could finally compare how popular it is relative to other Halloween cand
Halloween, Year 2
So I realized that I never provided an update on my candy tracking experiment from last year. With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be good to do a quick recap
JPEG Error Level Analysis
I was browsing around the internet, trying to learn a little bit about what goes into detection of fake images to see if it was something I could try implementing myself. I quickly
Halloween Candy
It was our first halloween in our new neighborhood and our neighbors warned us that we would get a lot of kids in our area and we should buy not one but two of the large variety ba
I got around to cleaning up and releasing the code, which is available on google code. For more information about the types of K-Means Clustering that I released, you can see it he
OpenCV in Java
Short Answer: Didn't get it working, but this might help you get further than I did. I spent the better part of two days trying to get access to a webcam in Java. The JMF is so far
K-Means Clustering
One of the bottlenecks I've been running into in my bag of words image indexer has been the creation of the vocabulary trees. There seems to be two popular ways of doing it: Standa
Box Round 2
The box goes a bit foggy For now though I have some news about my first completed project! After giving Matt and Katherine the box, they opened it in 24 hours and Matt requested th
For the second installment covering some of Lire's MPEG7 descriptors, I chose to do the ColorLayout descriptor. This descriptor creates more what I would call a stained glass effec
Recently I've been whiling away the time creating my very own bag of words image classifier and I've been learning how to scale it up to handle a large (100k+) number of images wit
Lire Edge Histogram In the past I've worked some with the visual search library Lire, and I wanted to write up how their set of descriptors work so maybe someone after me could bet
The Box A couple months ago I saw this awesome project and realized that I had a couple of the parts already, so it got into my head that I could build that too. Like the original